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Download Crack Muslim Odin V3.0.

The new Islamic Odin V3.0 Crack Muslim Odin works without the Internet (Offline) and with the Internet (Online) V3.0

The new Islamic Odin V3.0 Crack Muslim Odin works without the Internet (Offline) and with the Internet (Online) V3.0
Download Crack Muslim Odin V3.0.

Muslim Odin V3.0

For the first time, the most powerful and exclusive add-ons in Islamic Odin and has never been before any program:

1 .. Open the browser for some types without cable only with bar code technology, you will find it stolen in the future from the Islamic Odin, the masterpiece of software.

2 .. Show the Android version of the flash you choose in the flash box in a way that no other program in the world has before, even if the phone is locked with a password. The method is the idea and application of Ali Hassani from the city of Fez, Morocco

3 .. Show the Android version the phone name and processor type for the unknown flashes to avoid errors only when they are placed in the AP field

4 .. The partition feature has been modified and the flash files are excluded, and each file shows its area in megabytes

5 .. When you want to modify the flash, a danger sign has been added near each file and this sign tells you if the file is dangerous to avoid sending it to the phone and in order to modify the flash and make a flash that does not contain dangerous files, knowing that the program tells you by coloring the boxes for all phones that suffer From a defect and danger in flashing, you with this program will not turn off any phone if you watch and hear the explanations in my channel and you are professional in dealing with the program.

6.. The communication loophole has been added and developed to work in many phones

7. The feature of reading device information in MTP mode has been developed to show the Android version and important information and it succeeds in many phones even if it is locked with the password. This is also unique and exclusive

8 .. Four coloring options have been added at the bottom right to put the aesthetics of the program

9.. The process of opening the browser has been developed and made the program delete the definitions after completion and try again if the browser does not open the first time and new phones have also been supported, although the program is very powerful and has no competitor in opening the browser for thousands of species

10.. The option to add the link you want has been added with an explanation of the structure of the loophole and how to extract links from unknown phones الهواتف

11 .. The files in the program have been modified and thousands of new files have been added, such as root files and modified recovery files

12.. The transaction has been added and the Google account has been removed for thousands of types of MTK phones

 And SPD is in boot mode

13 .. A program has been added to open the boot protection and MTK and SPD definitions have been illuminated to solve problems

14 .. The feature of modifying the flash has been accelerated and a button has been added to record it, i.e. save it in another place for lack of fatigue and modify it every time, knowing that this feature is present in the second version in the letter S

15..A source has been added to the Jettag feature to deal with memories for those who do not have money to buy expensive boxes, and the program can be linked with a memory card reader and benefit from the Gitagh applet

16 .. The arrow that was in the second version has been changed to buttons showing pages to access root files, ADB, CERT, MDM, KG RMM and modified RECOVERY

17 .. button SETMD5 and its guest is ;

When you have a flash drive or a file and you modify it, Islamic Odin accepts it easily and also the old Odin accepts it if it is in .tar format

But it is impossible for normal Odin to accept it if it is in .tar.md5 . format

And the function of the SETMD5 button:

 It is converting flash drives whose format ends with .tar.md5 into official files or flash drives, a feature found only in Islamic Odin

18.. 300k To Download Mode button:

 It helps you to enter the phone into flash mode if there is a problem with the buttons and also succeeds if the phone is stuck on the logo and you keep pressing it and the phone is connected to the computer until the connection is dead appears

19.. Out Download Mode button:

 You can exit the download mode or the smart switch mode, which are special flashing modes

20.. Reset Frp Adb button:

 It is used to remove the Google account after you activate the developer mode in the phone, whether it is with the files in the program or manually

21 .. The Mtp Factory Reset button is used to format phones and this feature works in many phones. If the phone is new and has a screen lock, you can restart it and continue pressing the button

22.. Read Info Mtp button:

 It is used to read the device information and the Android version in MTP mode. Islamic Odin is the first program to show the Android version for old and new phones. Islamic Odin is the first program to show the flash version for old and new phones, which is better than Magma at this point because the latter supports showing the version for a few type of new phones only

23.. Create MDM button:

 It is used to create a file to remove MDM protection. This is of course, if you do not find it in the program on the second page in the rectangle in the middle, and it is a protection that some companies do by modifying the mdm file that is within the flash sections

24 .. Create Pit button:

 It is used to create an important file that matches the memory and the system, and you can make it from the same flash, of course if you do not find it inside the program


 It is used to open the browser without a cable, and it is an exclusive feature in Islamic Odin that has not been preceded by any program

26 ..button CALL 112:

 It is used to make a connection to phones that hide the call button in order to help you remove the Google account with known vulnerabilities. This algorithm has been developed, which works to work in many phones

27..MTK/SPD button:

 New system, new addition of formate and removal of Gog account for many phones SPD and MTK

28..JITAG ISP button:

 Gitag program to deal with memories in an easy way, such as linking the reader to the memory card and others

29..Auto Reboot button or option:

 It is used to restart the phones after the end of the flashing process and it must be removed when modifying the flash and flashing the j100h phone and wait because the reception is slow in that type and turning off quickly after completion is very dangerous after that you can restart that phone manually to ensure proper flashing

30..Nand Erase button or option:

It is used to completely delete the files in the phone, such as flash files

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