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download modemmeta tool repair IMEI

download modemmeta tool repair IMEI

ModemMeta Tool is a successor to SP MauiMeta Tool that allows

For users to multitask on their devices that support MediaTek chipsets. It mainly performs IMEI repair, flash write, backup, restore IMEI, repair NVRAM etc from MediaTek android smartphones, feature phones or tablets. If you are also interested in doing so, you can download the ModemMeta tool on your Windows PC.

The tool is very popular and trusted among users of Android MediaTek devices which provides a user friendly interface with the easiest options to perform tasks ever. If you don't know, the ModemMeta tool comes with an app installed. By running it, you will be able to install the application on any of the versions of the Windows operating system with 32-bit and 64-bit system types.

Features of ModemMeta tool

Here we have shared with you some useful and distinctive features of this tool that you must check before downloading it.

1. Modem Meta tool need to be installed?

The Modem Meta tool free comes with an installed application that you have to run and install the actual tool on your Windows PC to start using it. Simply download and extract the zip file of the installer file and proceed with the easy setup process.

2. imei repair tool

Modem Meta free tool allows you to software the IMEI of any of your devices running MediaTek processor in case your device has a missing or damaged IMEI number. It is worth noting that without the active IMEI number, your device will not recognize the inserted SIM card.

During the IMEI repair process, you will have to locate the database files that come preloaded with the stock firmware of your MediaTek sp device.

3. Backup and restore IMEI

The tool allows you to backup and restore the IMEI of your MediaTek device quite easily. Even if you have already backed up the IMEI database file, you can restore it.

4. Supports MediaTek chipsets

The selected tool only supports devices that support the MediaTek chipset. This means that it will not work on other devices equipped with the processor. It is also worth noting that Modem Meta Tool is developed and distributed by MediaTek, Inc phone. So, the full credit goes to the company for making it possible for free.

Disclaimer: flash IMEI other than original is illegal in several regions and may cause you trouble. It is always a good idea to check all the guidelines and terms of the specific thing in your country before doing anything.

download modem meta tool

File name : file mtk modem meta tools setup

Program type: setup exe pc

modemmeta v:10

File size: 88MB

Operating system: Windows

Link to download modem meta tool free from here latest


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