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Jocial International Project Summary?

Explanation of the site and platform of the company Jocial:

Profiting from the Internet may be an idea or a dream for many,

Are you dissatisfied with your economic situation and aspire to have an opportunity to change your life for the better?

Why not then try one of the ways to make profit from the Internet?

This is a new way to make wealth and millions of dollars from anywhere in the world, b

Provided that you use a smart device and an internet connection,

In order to be able to work from home and earn extra income.

 Profits are usually sent via PayPal, accounts, bank cards, Western Union and other means.

Today, in this article, we will learn how to make money from the Internet in easy and guaranteed ways.

Explanation of the site and platform of the company Jocel


jocial is real or fake

Josial Company:

It is a complete integrated platform whose activity revolves around advertising, publicity and promotion of services, products and brands for large companies through social networking sites Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

A simple overview of subscribing to Josial:

1- Create a free account on the Josial website (through the referral link)

Click on Register Now to give you a page with a box asking you to enter a code.

You will receive a verification code for your account via a message in your email.

Copy and paste it in the field This is your account that was created.

 You'll re-enter your email to find a message with your social account contact information: your membership number, then your password, then your withdrawal request code.

2- You link your Facebook account with the Jocel company account in a very simple way

3- Activate your subscription package with $60 for 3 months (2 ads per week)

Or a $240 package for a year (three ads per week)

 The conditions of the Josel company are very nice

Have a Facebook account with at least 30 friends

The company offers you 2 ads every week (it is a product image - and a link to the product's website)

You post it on your Facebook account

Every week 2 ads

The value of each ad ($6 + $6 or $7 + $5) = $12 per week

This is the first, guaranteed and insured profit to be obtained

Without claiming any people

The second profit is a rank profit

You get 5% of the company's profits in that month

Every 11th of every month salaries are released

Distribute to all persons, each according to the rank in which they are

This is the earnings for the month of October

If you add 3 people, the first rank will be silver.. you get about $20 per month

If you add 6 people, you will get a gold rank, you will get 47 dollars per month

If you add 9 people, it will be a platinum rank, you will get $89 per month

If you add 12 people, you will get a diamond rank, you will get 138 dollars per month

If you add 15 people, the rank of crown will be $ 195 per month

If you add 18 people, the rank of ambassador will be 404 dollars per month

FAQ on jocial

1. What is jocial?

Josial is a full-fledged platform that revolves around advertising. It is based in London and has an office in America.

2. How to register in Jocel?

The way to register in Josial is simple and accessible to everyone. You can click on the registration link, wait a few seconds, click on the link.

3. What are the ranks of the jocial site?

There are many jocial benefits, especially if you increase your rank in Jocial, where you will receive a respectable reward and the best reward in the rank of ambassador.

4. The most important benefits of Josial?

There are many benefits to the Jocel platform, including not taking a lot of your time, placing the advertisement within 5 minutes. The benefits of registering friends.

In the following video, a practical explanation of the registration process her:


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